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Invented Magazine is a digital magazine app, with new issues released each month. It lives on your smartphone and tablet devices - which means it goes everywhere that you do. Stuck waiting in line at the coffee shop? Invented is never further away than your pocket.

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Tired of the same generic advice about building a successful entrepreneurial career? Tired of being told that the only strategy you need is "following your dreams"? We were. That's why each issue is jam-packed with laser-focused advice, strategies, and resources you can use to go from your own idea to market success.

Visually Stunning

We'd hate to toot our own horn ... but then again, we'd also be lying if we said our magazine wasn't gorgeous. From compelling photos of startups to eye-popping designs that bring each issue's material to life, your eyes will devour our content.

The numbers are pretty staggering, aren't they? Thousands of startups are launched each year, and of those, many are destined to fail. We won't give you a silver bullet - but we do give you the strategies and tools used by the most successful entrepreneurs. 

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